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Our features

We’re inspired by the best minds in sex, love and marriage.

As mobile as you

Our mobile-friendly web app lets you flirt, learn and seduce your way to deeper passion.

Marriage made easy

Be holistically more sexy covering topics including: communication, sexual technique, adventure, dates and getaways.

See the results

Measure your success throughout your relationship with our unique assessment tool.

Trusted content

Inspired by scientifically proven research, our content informs as well as excites.

Proven tools

Our web app includes features like a Calendar to plan, Messages to flirt daily and dozens of Date ideas just to note a few.

iPhone & Android apps

We’re getting mobile-er. Coming Winter 2014, Passionly will launch iPhone & Android apps.

Rekindle the flame of your marriage

Tired, busy and passionless?

Every couple seems have to less and less time for themselves and their relationship. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some place to grow the love between your spouse and yourself? Somewhere you can trust; using ideas from world renowned marriage and sex experts? Look no further.

Passionly transforms marriages

We’re dedicated to transforming what it means to be in a long-term relationship. Marriage is about passion--inside the bedroom and out. Our app is perfect for couples who want inspiration, encouragement and scientifically-proven ideas to become even more in love and lust. How? Check out how it works below.

Get started instantly

During our Getting Started process, you’ll plan seductive and thrilling activities recommended by our Sexy Marriage Program!

In just 30 minutes, Passionly will help you plan transformation in mere hours per week. Then, Passionly helps ensure you maintain those activities together over time. Because your relationship is an investment--spend time today and see your love life blossom tomorrow.

Practice passion

Next comes the really fun part. Here, complete scheduled loving, sexy and thrilling activities recommended by our Sexy Marriage Program throughout our forthcoming, "Sexy Marriage Handbook."

We’ll help you schedule and plan quarterly Getaways, weekly Love and Sex Dates, as well as academically rigorous and scientifically proven Challenge activities. Daily, we’ll help you flirt seductively and track your progress over time using our Dashboard area.

Master passion

Never fall short of your potential. Every week, improve your relationship using the skills you acquired and grow even more in love. In just hours per week, Passionly keeps your relationship in tip-top form. Are you ready to get passionate? Sign up today!

Join the sexy marriage revolution

Experts rave about Passionly

Experts love our new app. We think you will, too.

Alanna Gardner, MFT

I wholeheartedly recommend the Passionly app because it’s an easy way to keep couples accountable, which encourages significant change over time.

Kaitlyn Scalisi, MPH

Passionly is an amazing app for couples who want to improve and strengthen their relationship. It provides a complete program to make it happen, as well as a way to keep track. I’m extremely excited about this app!

Lily Zehner, MA, MFT

I love Passionly because it utilizes what we all use every single day--our phones--and makes it a tool for our relationship rather than an enemy.

Couples love Passionly

Our subscribers simply adore our app.

Justin & Melissa H., Miami, FL

Busy couples often get caught in ruts even when they have had a history of great sex. The Passionly app gives us an opportunity to connect in a healthy, growth-oriented way.

Mysti Parker

After 17 years of marriage and 3 kids, our love life can use a little inspiration. Passionly provides just that in an easy to use format. Even when we're away from each other, the app is perfect for ideas for dates, getaways, even a flirt or two. Thanks, Passionly!

Michael & Jen M., Ann Arbor, MI

We are loving the clear and straightforward ideas behind Passionly. The app itself is also a great way to ensure that we keep up our sexiness ignited in a fun and playful way.

A more passionate, intimate and sexy marriage is a click away

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$9 /month

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Store up to 1000 images privately and securely
  • Use of our 11 core features including:
  • 50+ Love and Sex Date ideas
  • Dozens of Challenge activities
  • Dashboard to measure results throughout
  • Message feature to flirt daily
Buy Monthly


$5/month (billed yearly)

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Store up to 2000 sexy images privately and securely
  • Get early access to our forthcoming Sexy Marriage Guide
  • Get early access to our forthcoming mobile apps when released
  • Access to a personal customer experience specialist
  • Use of our 11 core features (see Monthly package to the left)
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$7 /month (billed quarterly)

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Store up to 1500 sexy images privately and securely
  • Get early access to our forthcoming Sexy Marriage Guide
  • Get early access to our forthcoming mobile apps when released
  • Access to a personal customer experience specialist
  • Use of our 11 core features (see Monthly package to the left)
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Rekindle the flame of your marriage


Your most asked questions answered here.


Within the first 30 minutes of signing up to Passionly, find out how to implement a sexier and more loving relationship. Our subscribers have noted a significant change within weeks of implementing the Sexy Marriage Program on Passionly.


We recommend couples have several dates per week which equals around four hours weekly. We also recommend, as does bestselling author Gary Chapman, couples go on short romantic getaways once every quarter.


Traditionally, women are seen as ‘giving up’ sex and men as ‘taking’ sex. We aim to re-think this by putting the power of emotional and sexual confidence in the hands men and women. Because love should give equal opportunities.


A subset of features is available for single partners. However, you’ll need your partner to complete Challenge activities, share Messages and complete the Sexy Marriage Program. We recommend they view this landing page.


Couples at all stages of their relationships can benefit from the Passionly web app and, “Sexy Marriage Guide.” Moreover, if you think your relationship is amazing right now, imagine if it got even better? More love is always possible.


No. Passionly does not substitute for a professional counselor. We can be used alongside a professional counselor. However, we have numerous therapist and counselor recommendations throughout our app if needed.

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