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Schedule and plan one-off or recurring date ideas and Challenges in a snap.

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Savor your time together. Go out on dates, try new Challenge activities.

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Send each other adorable, cute and sexy Flirts daily with just a few clicks.

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Assess your relationship. Then, see your results change over time.

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When your relationship changes, tell us and we'll offer a new personalized plan.

Rekindle the flame of your marriage

Passionly transforms marriages.

We’re dedicated to transforming what it means to be in a long-term relationship. Our web and mobile app are perfect for couples who want inspiration and scientifically-proven actions to fall in love all over again. Check out just three of our many exciting features below and learn even more about our product in our explainer video.

The Love Calendar

Here, we'll help you two plan more time together with just a few clicks. What's more, sync your events in your private Google Calendar to never miss out. Spend more romantic and thrilling time together with less hassle.

100+ Sex & Love Date Ideas

Not sure what to do with your spare time together? Put it to use with our many innovative ideas. From role play ideas to recipes for foodies, we have oodles of adventurous things to do together starting with just 1 hour. More are added every week!

Scientifically-proven Challenges

Our Challenges solve the most common everyday problems couples face. These offer science-driven actions couples can take in 1 hour or less. More Challenges are added weekly.

Get a personalized plan in under 30 minutes

After our Getting to Know You section, we offer a customized list of actions you both can take right away to improve your relationship. Depending on the amount of time you have, you'll also get activities you can implement moving forward, too!

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Experts rave about Passionly

Experts love our new app. We think you will, too.

Alanna Gardner, MFT

I wholeheartedly recommend the Passionly app because it’s an easy way to keep couples accountable, which encourages significant change over time.

Kaitlyn Scalisi, MPH

Passionly is an amazing app for couples who want to improve and strengthen their relationship. It provides a complete program to make it happen, as well as a way to keep track. I’m extremely excited about this app!

Lily Zehner, MA, MFT

I love Passionly because it utilizes what we all use every single day--our phones--and makes it a tool for our relationship rather than an enemy.

Couples love Passionly

Our subscribers simply adore our app.

Justin & Melissa, Miami, FL

Busy couples often get caught in ruts even when they have had a history of great sex. The Passionly app gives us an opportunity to connect in a healthy, growth-oriented way.

Mysti & John, Frankfort, KY

After 17 years of marriage and 3 kids, our love life can use a little inspiration. Passionly provides just that in an easy to use format. Even when we're away from each other, the app is perfect for ideas for dates, getaways, even a flirt or two. Thanks, Passionly!

Michael & Jen, Ann Arbor, MI

We are loving the clear and straightforward ideas behind Passionly. The app itself is also a great way to ensure that we keep up our sexiness ignited in a fun and playful way.

Tracy & Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ

Shortly after signing up to Passionly, I noticed my relationship already improving. We realized our time together is of absolute importance. It’s been fantastic to add spending time with my husband to my to-do list (and actually get it done!).

Steve & Stephanie, Pittsburgh, PA

After 25 years of marriage, while the spark hasn't gone out, it has dimmed a bit. Passionly is helping us turn our marriage into the bonfire it deserves to be.

Jessica & James, Gary, IN

Passionly Challenge activities made me re-think my communication skills. They made me realize I could do better at telling my partner what’s going on in my head. And with so many ideas, I’m confident our relationship will continue to improve.

Julie & Conroy, Pittsburgh, PA

Passionly has been a great tool for us to improve our communication. My husband and I love your date ideas. Just having a time scheduled on the calendar reminds us to prioritize our relationship. Thanks, Passionly, for keeping our relationship amazing!

Justin & Stephanie, Boston, MA

The Sex and Love Dates are my favorite part of the Passionly app. We're so excited to be able to set aside time for each other that is dedicated ONLY to each other. And I can't wait to use the mobile app.

Michael & Jen, Ann Arbor, MI

We are loving the clear and straightforward ideas behind Passionly. The app itself helps ensure we keep our marriage sexually ignited in a fun and playful way.

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Your most asked questions answered here.


Within the first 30 minutes of signing up to Passionly, find out how to implement a sexier and more loving relationship. Our subscribers have noted a significant change within weeks of implementing the actions on our site.


So you have a time budget. We hear you! Couples with as little as one hour per week regularly sign up to our app. In fact, the more busy you are, the more you'd benefit from using our app.


Both. We solve issues faced by both men and women in long-term relationships. Whatever your gender, we offer ways to improve your relationship with straightforward and science-based actions.


A subset of features are available for single partners. However, you’ll need your partner to complete Challenge activities, share Flirts and complete assessments. We recommend they sign up--it takes just a few minutes!


Couples at all stages of their relationships can benefit from the Passionly web and mobile apps. Moreover, if you think your relationship is amazing right now, imagine if it got even better? More love is always possible.


No. Passionly does not substitute for a professional counselor, but complements therapy or counseling. Within our app, if you face deeper or continued difficulties, we recommend counselors to assist where we cannot.

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